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View the questions that customers have set ourselves.

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1 Questions about your order.
1.1 Can I have my order delivered to another address, as a gift?

Yes, this is possible.

During the ordering process you can when entering your personal information by giving a different delivery address. When you have chosen a different delivery address, no invoice will be sent to the delivery address. The invoice will be sent only to the specified e-mail address.

TIP: If you send us e-mail text and possibly a photo in your assignment, we can add a card (see examples).


1.2 What is the delivery of my order?

We aim that all orders placed before 13:00, the same day to send. You will receive a confirmation e-mail if we have your payment and when your order is dispatched. Orders that are made around the holidays and / or on weekends, may have a longer delivery time.

Orders placed on Friday will be delivered on Tuesday.

All items we sell online, at the time the product be put online, including stock and available from the warehouse. It can happen that different clients at the same time period, place an order. It may therefore occasionally prevent a product is still sold out.


1.3 Can I exchange items?

We are committed to you trough our website about the articels. If one item doesn't meet your expetations, it can be returned (witin 14 days).


1.4 What to do when a complaint?

Of course it is annoying when you have a complaint about the service as you experienced.
However, we kindly ask you to make your complaint by e-mail to the department to pass customer contact.
This can be by e-mail, regular mail and / or telephone.

Our customer contact employees of the department will check the complaint and attempt to everyone's satisfaction to resolve the complaint.

Our details: Lagripro B.V.
Ambachtsweg 11 A
6662 NL Elst (GLD)
The Netherlands
email: [email protected]
Telephone: 085 060 22 99              

Upon receipt of your complaint will receive a confirmation.
We will investigate your complaint within 14 days after receiving answer, if it needed more time, we will notify you of this.
If you do not appreciate this, you can always take contact with Stichting Webshop Certified true www.lagripro.com when connected.

Leo Theeuwes

1.5 How will my order shipped?

We ship all our packages by DHL. 

NOTE!!  Packages can not be delivered to a PO Box address.


1.6 How can I return items?

You have a cooling off period of 14 days to return the product without giving reasons, that begins on the day of receipt of the product. You have from the time of the return message 14 days to return the product. The product can only unused and, if possible, be returned in original packaging. To return the order the return costs are for your account.

We will credit the amount within 14 days.

You should also use our return formulier


2 Questions about using your pillow.
2.1 Where do I need to think about when the use of a pit-pillow?
  • Let the cherrystonepillow no warming by children and persons who are not themselves effectively respond,
  • Follow the instructions on warm-up times and the ability of the well established correct oven or microwave. Checked temperature of the pit-pillow before use. By the operation of the microwave, the heat gradually from inside to outside. This feels the pit-pillow if you not immediately warm retrieves it from the microwave,
  • do not use additional heat sloopje.
  • Spray a little water on the cherrystone pillow for warming occasionally with water to prevent dehydration of the pips. Better than too dry to moist!
  • Let cool completely before the lackluster cherry ® after warming again to warm up. Overheating can cause damage to the cushion and the environment,
  • If the cushion was damaged by overheating or other misuse, may no longer use the pillow!
  • If necessary, be washed-pillow integral. (Plug the pillow to machinewash best in a demolition to prevent seam damage.)
  • Save the instructions at all times when your cherries lackluster
2.2 Wash-points buckwheat-, speltchaff and milletpillow.

If your pillow buckwheat hulls and / or speltchaff too strong, we completely removed some clues for you to wash.

  • Have a bucket or plastic bag or laundry basket (both the bucket and the laundry are clearly without littel holls to be) at hand the size of the contents of the pillow (about 20 liters.)
  • Open the zipper on the pillow and dispose of the buckwheat, speltchaff or millethulls into your chosen object,
  • If the pillow is completely emptied turn the demolition of the inside out, you can now breaking machine washed at 30  Celsius.
  • After washing, remove the scrap from the machine and turns it back to its original state,
  • You let the demolition dry (not in a drier, possibly shrinking)
  • After the demolition is completely dry, the buckwheat, speltchaff or millethulls back into the demolition done, possibly using a cup, scoop or small bucket,
  • If the entire contents of the demolition did close the zipper and you can again enjoy your pillow.

Back to the optimum content of your pillow to get refills, we offer both buckwheat and speltchaff on.
 We trust that with the above advice service have been.
 Leo Theeuwes

2.3 Is the pillow in the oven to heat?

Put your pillow in an oven-proof dish. Maximum temperture: 150 degreese Celsius. Heat up Clasic and Cervico in maximum 15 minutes, while 8 minutes is enough to warm up Picolo. Turn your pillo when half the time has passed.
Experiment carefully the first time, so that on subseguent occasions you will know exacttly how much time your pillow needs.

2.4 How long can yoy use your pillow?

We recommend replacing the contents of your pillow after approx. 3 years.

The new buckwheat-, spelt chaff- or millet husks look a lot like the contents then present, however, these husks have the natural resilience that with your old filling almost or completely disappeared.

Before you replace the contents you can wash the pillowcase so that everything is fresh again.

2.5 How do I care for my yoga mat?

We recommend that your yoga mat immediately after purchasing a few times to clean with a damp warm cloth and after drying with a towel.
This is the anti-slip quality benefit. Your mat after each use will be stiffer.

Proper care of your yoga mat increases the quality and longevity of your mat.

Some advice:

  • we recommend that the yoga mats in the washing machine to wash, hand washing is preferred.
  • do not be too much soap, soap by the mat is very slippery.
  • let the mat after your first yoga class as skies.
  • keep the yoga mat in a dark and dry place.
2.6 Points of attentention for ussing our meditationpillow.

If you use your meditationpillow for the first time we advise you to get a little buckwheat hulls out of the pillow. We fill up our pillows on which to load any of the pillow can cause damage to the zipper or seams.

The buckwheat hulls that you get out of the pillow you can get stored in a plastic bag. Over time you can use it to your pillow again optimize storage.
After some time the buckwheat hulls at just settling.

We trust you with this advice to have been employed and wish you much pleasure.

Leo Theeuwes

3 General questions
3.1 What is the difference between a deep sleep buckwheat pillow, buckwheat pillow an Atlas?
  • Atlas buckwheat pillow comes packaged in a paper bag while deep sleep pillow in a plastic carrying case,
  • the substance of the Atlas buckwheat pillow is a beautiful woven fabric with a pattern of a giraffe in woven, the fabric of the pillow is a deep sleep as millions lace fabric,
  • Atlas buckwheat pillow has more body making it greater sleeping comfort.
  •  the content on buckwheat hulls is almost identical.


3.2 What is the difference between buckwheat and speltchaff?
  • buckwheat caps is the envelope of buckwheat enspeltchaff is the envelope of the ancient wheat spelt,
  • buckwheat caps are of smaller size than speltchaff,
  • buckwheat is brown to black color of yellowish color is speltchaff while,
  • buckwheat caps are triangular in shape, speltchaff has the form of grain (oblong),
  • buckwheat shells have a higher specific gravity (landfill) weight than speltchaff,
  • a pillow filled with buckwheat shells is heavier, a pillow filled with speltchaff makes more sound if you head out explains (training).


3.3 What is buckwheat and what applications are there?

Buckwheat is a plant in the knotweed family. Poland and to a lesser extent France are major European countries production of buckwheat.
It is an annual plant with a hollow upright, branching several occasions, red stem. The leaves are triangular to heart shaped. The root system consists of a strongly branching taproot.
Flowering begins in a young stage, sometimes after only six weeks, and twenty-five to thirty days goes by. The flowers are grouped in long-stalked panicles, white to pink in color, and contain much nectar. On poor soils buckwheat reached a height of 50 cm. Before the bloom is over, there are already ripe fruits.
The edible seed that is on thin stalks when ripe easy release. It has a protein content flour, and, corresponding to that of clover. During storage, the dry seed, because it easily moldy. One kilogram of seed contains ± 45.000 seeds.
The shape of the buckwheat seed, is very similar to that of beechnuts, if they are significantly smaller, about 6 mm long. The seed was ground into flour, buckwheat, although certainly not a grain. Buckwheat is a pseudo grain ': the seeds, flour and other products derived from buckwheat contains no gluten.
Buckwheat flour contains magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. It is nutritious and easily digestible. Nowadays it is also grown for medicine.
Buckwheat seems a grain product, but it is not. The flour it can be mixed with that of cereals, such as a base for pancakes. Roasted buckwheat kernels are called "kasha" and are known from the Eastern European kitchen.
Nowadays buckwheat hulls also widely used as an application for stuffing.


3.4 Can also spelt, buckwheat, flax seed and millet in the microwave?

Only pillows that are filled with cherrystones and flaxseed can be warm in the microwave. These types of pillows are designed to heat and/or coolingcompress.

Pillows filled with speltchaff, buckwheat hulls or millet hulls are not intended to heat and/or coolingoompress but as pillow or meditation cushion.


Buckwheat hulls, speltkaf or milletdoppen are very dry and consist solely of crude fiber reducing the chance of spontaneous combustion.

We therefore advise you to these products not to heat up in a microwave or oven.

3.5 How are the buckwheat hulls produced?

The unhusked buckwheat is hulled buckwheat seeds by a cotton gin after the hulled buckwheat and buckwheat hulls through a flat sorter will be separated by extraction. The buckwheat hulls are the first to lie on top as they are lightweight. Through a cyclone, the buckwheat hulls separated from other blending and dust.
These machines are regularly cleaned to the best result so that our quality of buckwheat hulls guarantee

3.6 Tips for a healthy and restful sleep.

Tips for a healthy and restful sleep.
You only know whether these tips work in your case, if you have a tip for at least 6 consecutive weeks has strictly followed.

Limit time in bed.
Use the bed only for sleeping and sexual activity, do not read, do not eat and do not watch TV in bed. Set your alarm and get up in the morning always at the same time.

Follow a consistent sleep pattern.
Most people function normally with 7 hours of sleep a night. The sleep duration is shorter with age. Remember, your friends, your partner or your children have different sleep needs than yourself. The quality of your sleep is as important as the amount of sleep. Give them a regular, go to bed at a fixed time and get up at a fixed time.

Not stay in bed worrying.
If you are unable to sleep within 15 minutes, get out of bed and do something else. If you can not sleep, try a nightly routine of quiet activities to insert before going to sleep (read, warm bath, quiet in a chair listening to music).

Avoid an excessive mental effort just before going to sleep, in other words, build up your day at bedtime.

Turn on your alarm clock at bedtime, so you do not always need to watch it.

Check the room noise, temperature, humidity, comfort, etc.
Intense noise (aircraft, highways) can disrupt sleep, even if we remember it in the morning nothing. Nuisance noise disturbs the sleep quality.
The bedroom: should not be too hot nor too cold, should be as dark and as quiet as possible.
When choosing sheets and blankets should be based not only on the design, but whether it "feels good". The bed should be adequate space. Comfort is important.

No daytime naps.
When the evening is difficult to fall asleep, you have naps in the afternoon or early evening to avoid the.

Care during the day for exercise and relaxation.
Regular physical activity can help you sleep better. It is better just before bedtime not heavy effort.

Eat at regular times.
Also a slight feeling of tension can disturb sleep. Take some warm milk before bedtime: this may help you sleep.

Avoid stimulating drinks.
Many foods (such as coffee, alcohol) to stimulate the body and the mind and disturb sleep. Avoid heavy meals or too late at night.

Avoid evening caffeine.
From noon preferably no caffeinated beverages (coffee, tea, cola, etc.).

No sleep caps.
Alcohol may help you sleep and often has a soporific effect during the first part of the night. However, alcohol disrupts the quality and quantity of sleep during the second part of the night. Prolonged ingestion of large amounts of alcohol also disrupts long-term quality of sleep and can cause dependence and addiction.

Source: www.slaaptest.nl

3.7 You can contact us to fill you own pillows?

You can come to us, by appointment, to fill up your pillow (s) by yourself. You will be paying the quantity of product you have used.

An appointment can take place during the week from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 17.30 hours.

3.8 Are there pesticide used in the cultivation and if so which one?

All our buckwheat hulls, speltchaff and millet hulls are checked upon receipt on pesticides.
Upon entering, a sample is taken from the party and sent for analysis to a laboratory for analysis. We have normally within two working days the rash within.
To date, we can say that the parties received by us are free of pesticides.

If you want an analysis of this send us an email ([email protected]) and we will send you the latest analysis report by email to you.

If we mention organic on our site it is always organically grown and we are checked by SKAL.


The speltkaf are organically grown.

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