Meditation cushion pro rondo Ying Yang

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Find your peace with Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang are Chinese concepts that refer to two opposing principles or forces of which all aspects of life and the universe are permeated. The Yin Yang symbol is the Ancient Chinese representation of cosmic duality, where yin symbolizes femininity (earth, cold, north, humidity) and yang masculinity (heaven, heat, the south, drought). However, these are not merely contradictions, but especially complementary (mutually complementary) values.

The meditation cushions are filled with buckwheat caps and an inner cover that also contains buckwheat husks. All pillows have a zipper so that the inner cover can easily be removed for washing. The meditation cushions also have a sturdy handle to grab them. The outer cover can be washed, not warmer than 40 o Celsius, and simply be put back again. The meditation cushion pro rondo is also available with Infinite Knot and Double Vajra .

Size: 30 cm. x 12 cm. (cross section xh)
Weight: approx. 2 kilograms.
Note: do not wash warmer than 40 o Celsius.

Suitable for both studio and home use.

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