Potpourri: a pleasant fragrance in your interior

Many people still want to smell the blissful smells from the outside. The solution is to place a potpourri in your interior.


What is a potpourri?

Potpourri is a collective name for an aromatic mixture which has the function of giving the interior a pleasant smell. Originally a potpourri was a moist mixture. Due to aesthetic reasons and because dry potpourri's can be used more frequently, these moist potpourri's have had to leave a bit of space.


A potpourri always consists of the following ingredients:


  • flowers;
  • leaves;
  • herbs and spices;
  • fixative.

Because the smell of dried flowers or herbs does not carry much, an essential oil is often added.


Where can a pot pourri be used?

A potpourri can mainly be used in places where you come a lot like the dining room, bathroom, bedroom or living room. Also in the hall is a potpourri fun to pamper your guests on arrival with the delicious smells and colors. The used pot pourri depends on the place and the atmosphere you want to create. In the bathroom you can preferably use a fresh, activating fragrance with light color tones and in the living room a soothing deep underlying fragrance with lots of autumn colors.


Where do you put in potpourri?

Potpourri can be placed in various ways; the manure occurring form is in a glass jar, decorative scale, decoraction box and wicker basket.

Shelf life: potpourri has the ability to lose freshness and smell after a while. Therefore, place a new potpourri in time.

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