Incense is a mixture of aromatic organic compounds, which can be lit and then rated as pleasant odor. With incense is also meant the resin (olibanum) of the incense tree (Boswellia). The original meaning of the word incense is "wijrook" (smoke to dedicate).

 Incense has been used since at least 1700 BC, probably originally as incense. The incense was intended to placate the gods. The smell and the prayer with the smoke rising up. A practical use of incense was to expel air of decay. The blood and remnants of the Jews sacrificed animals were masked by the strong smell of incense.
 Incense was in Europe it is mainly used in churches. Although the Jews have the smell of the sacrifices had to be expelled was possible by the smell of incense wealthy were buried in the church obscure. The term fat cats will find it even possible origins. During funerals and places of pilgrimage where people have to come from far, the use of incense geurverdoezelende no coincidence.
 The resins and oils for common people were priceless, because it had to be imported from outside Europe. Separately, there was no culture outside the church use of incense.
 Since the 1960s the growing interest in Eastern culture and religion. In many countries such as China, India, Tibet and Japan the incense. In these countries, incense as common as in the Western world flowers in the house or the use of soap or perfume. With the growing interest in the import and use of oriental incense.

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