Meditation benches and eye pillows.

A meditation bench helps to adopt the right attitude, creating a meditative state can come the best reflected.  Meditation benches are especially suitable for people who like to meditate in a kneeling position without using a Chair or a pillow.

The height and width of the meditation bench. 
The height and width has to do the physique and flexibility of the practitioner.  People who meditate and flexible muscles have been like as low as possible.  If the body has not, it is true that building more pleasant to sit higher.  You often see on yoga schools that some even sit on two cushions. Beginners therefore lay yoga blocks or pads under the knees to more pleasant to sit. This is experienced as more comfortable.

Eye pillows.

Our eye pillows are made of satin and filled with flax seed and contains dried Lavender. Lavender has as effect to calm down, to promote the detoxification process to positively influence mood &. 
The satin fabric is soft and soothing. The eye pillows ensures that exclude the light before your eyes. The zipper opening makes sure that you get it you can wash the casing apart. 
This pillow is perfect to use during Savasana, (laydown) meditation and for relaxing your eyes.


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