Leetjes sopanuts

Leetjes_soap_nuts'Together we wash the earth clean'

This is the alternative for the daily and polluting detergent. You can get everything clean and with soapnuts so use as biological detergent for the washing machine. Moreover, it is soft, strong and very good cleaning. 

PLUS FREE: 2 soapnuts cotton bags.

Use for the washing machine.
A bag of 1 kg is for approx. 250 washings! 
Do 3 á 4 nuts in a provided pouch and place it on the laundry in the washing machine. You can use this

  • 1 x wash at 90 degrees,
  • 2 x wash at 60 degrees,
  • 3 x wash at 30-50 degrees.

About this soapnuts:
The soapnuts from India are of excellent quality. They are harvested in August and september and during the same period, dried and cracked. The Indian soapnuts contain no core. The tribes of the great SOAP tree soapnuts, Sapindus Mukorossi or. The shells of these nuts contain high levels of saponin, this is a SOAP-like substance.

General household cleaning product, ideal for in the washing machine, very suitable for clothes to wash, also for the care of animals.

Some advantages of the soapnuts at a glance:

  • a 100% vegetable-based laundry detergent and ecologically grown,
  • allergieén 100% free,
  • much more economical than a normal detergent,
  • free of chemicals, so very skin-friendly,
  • contributes to a cleaner environment as an inexhaustible raw material is in no way responsible for the environment.

Advice for the white wax: 
Use every now and then, 1 ½ tablespoon salt stains, soapnuts contain no optical Whitener, your white wax will go without salt stains some discolor.

General information about soapnuts:
Wasnootschalen have been used for centuries as laundry detergents in the East. Many millions of people use these still as it gives an optimal result. It is more durable for your clothes and cheaper than an ordinary detergent. Soapnuts wash thoroughly and are tasteless. Fabric softener is not necessary. If desired, you can add two drops of essential oil, with your favorite fragrance. 
The wasnoot is not only suitable for cleaning your was. Because it is a very mild form of SOAP is, it is also suitable for many other purposes. Washing your dog or cat for example. Or use the wasnoot for the cleaning of the Interior. You can with hot water just soapy water.

How does the soapnuts?
In the scale of the wasnoot is the somewhat sticky substance SAPONIN which is the same as SOAP works. If the scales come into contact with water dissolves the natural SOAP, and creates a mild soap solution. 
The soapnuts are suitable for all kinds of was (also for wool and silk). For stubborn stains you can add washing soda (sodium carbonate).
Also without fabric softener is the was pleasantly soft and smells clean this neutral.

As a household cleaner, shampoo, pet care and plant protection product:

  • Cook 8 to 10 nuts in 1 litre of water for 5 to 10 minutes. Filter the product through a cotton cloth and fill a spray bottle with it. You can add a few drops of essential oil as needed,
  • this all-purpose cleaner is suitable for the kitchen, bath and toilet, cleaning the windows and washing the car,
  • the extract can also be used to wash your hair. The "shampoo" is suitable for dandruff and gives the hair a silky shine. After washing, the hairs are very easy to comb and become greasy less quickly,
  • highly concentrated wasnut extract is suitable as a liquid soap for body cleansing. This soap is well tolerated by people with hypersensitive skin, and can also be used to wash your pet,
  • the saponins are anti-parasitic and immunising substances. These fabrics are produced by the wax tree for self-protection. That's why the wasnut extract is also a perfect parasite treatment on the plants.

The smell of soapnuts.
Soapnuts are completely neutral from odor. Would you prefer a slight scent to your was to add a few drops of essential oil such as lavender, eucalyptus, roses, etc. in the fabric softener tray, or, if desired, a few drops on the pouch with the soapnuts.

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