Pillow of millet (50 x 60 cm.)

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Again a gift of natur!

Our pillows filled with millet hulls (millet pillow) answered fully with all contemporary expectations:

  • the millet pillow is very flexible and adapts to, the shape of head and neck. The result is an optimum support in each lying position,
  • the millet pillow provides proper support of the cervical spine,
  • the millet pillow allows air to circulate optimally. so that the cooler to the touch pad,
  • the filling with the caps millet ensures that the absorbed moisture quickly to the surrounding space is issued.

In short: a millet pillow may make you more comfortable and more relaxed sleep begins a new day!

Weight approx. 2,2 kg.

Washing tips buckwheat, speltchaff and millet pillows.

If your pillow buckwheat hulls and / or contaminated with too much speltkaf we have some clues for you to wash.

  • make sure you have a plastic bag or bucket or laundry basket (both the bucket and the laundry basket without holes are clearly to be) at hand the size of the contents of the pillow (approx. 20 ltr.),
  • open the zipper of the pillow and buckwheat or dispose speltkaf into your chosen object,
  • if the pillow is completely emptied turn the demolition of the inside out, you can now demolition machine washed at 300 Celsius.
  • after washing, remove the scrap from the machine and turns it back to its original state,
  • you allow the demolition dry (not in a dryer, possibly shrinking)
  • after the demolition is completely dry, the buckwheat or speltkaf back into the demolition done, possibly using a cup, scoop or small bucket,
  • if the entire contents of the demolition did close the zipper and can again enjoy your pillow.
  • Back to the optimum content of cushion to get your refills, we offer both buckwheat and speltkaf on.
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