Heating pads



The Ideal Heat Source

Heading pads are often used to relax tense muscles. The most common used heating pad is the cherry stone pillow. At Lagripro, you can therefore order these kind of pillows made in several sizes. This means that you can choose between pillows especially for the neck and shoulders, lower back or the all-time favourite all purpose cherry stone pillow.

Benefits of a heating pad

Cherry stones and flax seed have a rather unique attribute: they take up heat easily and rapidly and then slowly release it. The content of the heating pad lie loose within the 100% cotton pillow, which allows it to be flexible for every body part.

Heating pads are being used for the following purposes:

✓ as a bed warmer;
✓ to counter muscular pain;
✓ In case of back pain;
✓ Relieve stomach ache.

Easy to use

This is the simplest heating method. The heating time depends on the type of heating pad you want to warm.

Put the heating pad in a heatproof dish in the oven. Heating time varies per pillow.

Stove top
You can also warm your pillow on a gas or woodburning stove. Simply place it in a heatproof dish and put it on the stove. Check the temperature regularly.

For a cold compress simply place the pillow in the freezer.


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