The dream catcher captures your dreams

A dream catcher is a traditional object, originally from Ojibweg, an Indian people from North America. Because of the spiritual or esoteric associations, this object was also used by supporters of New Age ideas in the late 20th century.
A dream catcher consists of a ring (usually of willow wood) containing a web. Often there are beads or stones in the web and there are feathers under the ring.

The Ojibweg believe that creating and putting up a dream catcher above the bed can only make bad dreams. For centuries, parents are making dream catchers to hang above their children's cot or carrycot. It is assumed that the sky is soaked with dreams, good dreams, but also bad dreams. During the night, the bad dreams are caught in the web and according to tradition they slip off in the morning and dry up in the morning sun. Good dreams can find their passage in the center of the dream catcher unhindered and thus enter the life of the dreamer.

The color of the dream catcher represents one of the 4 elements:

Element Color
Fire red, golden yellow
Water sea green, white
Earth black, brown
Sky blue

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